Legend Has It

Street Greek recipes derived from secret scrolls, protected for generations by the Gods of Olympus and kept in the safety of Gardenopolis. The scrolls were stolen from Zeus, by Hades in a resentful rage of the culinary dystopia that he had to endure in the Underworld. Zeus was furious and commanded Hercules, Achillies and Pegasus on a quest to retrieve the scroll and return it to its rightful place. They faced minotaurs and monsters but the heroes battled on and reclaimed the scrolls from Hades. Zeus was overjoyed and instead of concealing the divine recipes of the gods, he decided to share them with a select few. The contents of the secret scrolls were handed down from one generation of guardians to another until Zeus himself gave his blessing to the founding fathers of Street Greek to share the magical flavours with the world. We, at Street Greek, love everything Greek. Our aim is to pay homage to our ancient recipes, whilst combining a modern taste with traditional Greek street food. We thank Zeus for the gift that he has bestowed upon us… he was a ‘hella of a fella’!

Franchising Opportunities

Our vision is to make modern Greek street food the new standard in a quick service restaurant industry. We empower franchise partners with the opportunity to run a profitable business while providing fresh and tasty food at an affordable cost. We have perfected our processes to ensure the food is prepared quickly, consistently and profitably.  Our aim is to pay homage to ancient Greek values, whilst combining a modern taste of sensational Greek street food, and enable our franchise partners to share this goodness with everyone.


We believe that good people can do great things (beyond making an incredible souvlaki wraps). So go ahead, come make the world a “feta” place with us! We are always looking for passionate individuals and team players. We provide a flexible work schedule for all team members to enjoy time with their friends and family. Working at Street Greek also tastes better with our meal discount programs available to all our team members. To be the best, you have to be at your best! We provide a training program that focuses on all levels of the restaurant from team member to Manager. Take the first step and apply today.
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